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Roof Maintenance

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Chuck up high Anyone who has a roof over their head be it home or business, should give serious thought to being proactive about their roof maintenance. The roof is the most critical element to protecting what is under it and that roof system takes a beating every day.   Whether it is heat, freezing temps, high wind, hail, rain, falling debris or debris collection, the home or commercial roof is always being tested.  Most if not all warranties can be voided if it can be determined that the roof has not been properly maintained.  Therefore, a maintenance program offered by truline Roofing should be a necessity and not an afterthought.  Call a CMP (Certified Maintenance Professional)

Certified Roof Professionals 

Certified Maintenance Professionals, such as truline Roofing have a total understanding of how your roof should perform and can recognize potential threats or problems before they even occur in most cases.  At truline Roofing we know about every type of roofing system and have enough experience to offer you recommendations that are best for you and your roof system.  You may think you have no roof issues just because it is not leaking today but we may see an issue that is not yet a leak but could potentially be an expensive option if overlooked for an extended period.  Leave it to a Pro.  Call truline Roofing, A CMP. gutter

Roof Warranty Woes

Many Owners are often lured into thinking they can rely on their roof warranty for at least the first couple of repairs and maintenance checks. Although warranties are made-up to safeguard you as the customer, they regularly limit the warrantor liability in cases of some types of roofing failure and not maintaining your roof properly is one of those examples. In order to ensure great performance and a long-term favorable relationship with the contractor, it is advisable to consider implementing an annual truline Roofing maintenance program from the day you install your new roof.
Inspecting a metal roof for a new roof coating.

Inspecting a metal roof for a new roof coating.

Pinpoint problems promptly

Some roofing problems can start as early as the first couple of months after a new install.  Issues such as clogged drains or gutters can occur at any time especially in the fall.  Debris collecting in a valley can create water intrusion issues that can go undetected for a while or until it is too late.  A simple mending that has been overlooked can become an expensive repair if not discovered and that repair cost can be more than the fee for a maintenance agreement.  Regularly scheduled inspections can detect problems before they even occur.

Pre-scheduled dental appointments

open mouth Once you’ve made the wise choice to implement a roof maintenance program you will be notified of the scheduled roof inspection before it occurs.  You will also be given a written report with pictures of whatever is discovered if anything.  Hopefully nothing will be found but that does not mean you’ve wasted money by having a preventative program in place.  Look at this way.  Most people have a preventative maintenance program scheduled with their dentist.  They schedule him at least once a year for a cleaning and inspection of their mouth.  They don’t wait until there is a problem or a cavity to see the dentist they schedule it annually.  Your roof should be done in the same manner.  Call truline Roofing today to get your roof set up for a regular preventative maintenance program.

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truline Roof Coatings

truline Roofing should be your number one choice when considering an elastomeric roof coating system in the Carolinas for your commercial roof. truline products are tried and true and can offer up to a 25 year NO LEAK warranty on material and workmanship. Don’t throw good money away by choosing to replace your entire roof when you can sustain it, with a truline Roofing elastomeric roof coating system.

Give the Carolina’s most trusted roofer a call today, and let a truline rep show you the many advantages of a new elastomeric roof coating.

Make the wise choice with a truline Roofing elastomeric roof coating, installed by a certified contractor! The many advantages of choosing a roof coating for your building are numerous. Call truline today to learn about the many perks of a “Cool Roof” system from the energy savings to tax advantages.   888-311-LEAK


truline Roof Coating Advantages

truline elastomeric roof coatings reflect heat and light from the sun which reduces your energy bill by up to 50%, which also increases the longevity of your HVAC equipment.

The truline roof warranty assures you that you’ll have a leak free roof for up to 25 years. The chosen warranty includes workmanship and material coverage and is not pro-rated.

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