roofThe fall season is almost at an end, and as the weather starts getting colder, people are reminded that the winter season is about to return. It is critical to ensure your roof is ready for the season, especially if you live in an area where winter weather can get pretty harsh. Between now and the freezing temperatures, your friendly Charlotte, NC roofers would like to share with you a few things that you can do to prepare your roof for the bad weather ahead.


Clean the gutters


When leaves, branches, and other types of debris accumulate in your roof’s gutter system, over time it can create a clog that causes rainwater to overflow. This can potentially cause serious water damage to your roof, trim, siding, and even your building’s foundation. Plus, the added weight of the debris can be too much for your gutters to handle, which can lead to gutter collapse. Prevent these issues by cleaning your gutters through the fall. Be sure to keep your roof surfaces clean as well.


Check for signs of deterioration and damage


With your roof and gutters clean, inspect the surface for missing or damaged shingles. Also check the roofing features around skylights, vent stacks, and chimneys, as these are the areas that are most prone to leaking. Check your ceiling for water damage as well. If you see any damage, give your favorite Charlotte roofing company a call and have the repair any damage or leak before the cold season hits.


Keep an eye out for ice dams


As the temperature drops, be sure to check your roof periodically for ice dams, which typically form when interior heat escapes through the roof due to poor insulation. Ice dams can severely damage your roof structure because of the added weight. You can reduce the risk of ice dams by sweeping off the snow from your rooftop with a snow rake or long push broom.


Keep these tips in mind to preserve your roof and prolong its lifespan. You can hire a reliable Charlotte, NC roofing company such as Truline Roofing to inspect, maintain, and even repair your roof for you. If your roof is prone to ice dams, these professionals can provide you with recommendations to prevent these from forming.




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