Truline Roofing maintains a Certified “GREEN Roofer” classification by recycling all asphalt shingles taken off of all roofing projects. Recycled shingles taken off of a typical home will generate approximately 50′ of new highway.  truline Roofing generated enough recycled shingles over the past two years to create in excess of two miles of new North Carolina highways.  Be it a roof repair of complete roof installation call the experts at truline Roofing.

Truline Roofing is also a leading installer in the Carolinas of Cool Roofs systems. When a cool roof system is properly installed and maintained, it provides numerous benefits that contribute to the health of a community, to the occupants of the building and most importantly to the owner’s pocket book.

Among the benfits to the building occupants and owner are:
  • IMPROVED COMFORT- Because the building’s interior is subject to less thermal flux and stays cooler during the warm season.
  • REDUCED ENERGY COSTS – Created by reduced air-conditioning usage.
  • LONGER AC UNIT LIFE – Resulting from 20%-35% less usage and decreased ac loads.
  • INCREASED ROOF LONGEVITY – Due to reduced thermal

Remember, in commercial roofing, WHITE is the new GREEN. Let truline Roofing provide you with an energy evaluation of your building and see how a new cool roof can benefit your bottom line. See why facility managers across the Carolinas call truline at 888-311-LEAK(5325)