Truline restored this roof on the high school in Washington, NC

With truline’s rock-solid reputation for long-lasting waterproofing, hundreds of businesses and facility managers entrust us to protect millions of square feet of roofing. To provide the best roof warranty in the industry, truline Roofing works hard to ensure the best roofing system and roof installation is provided. Truline roof restoration systems are engineered to exceed performance expectations, and meet the requirements of local, state, and federal codes as well as FM Global and UL ratings. But the most important validation comes from our relationships with owners of multiple buildings who insist on truline Roofing restoration systems for their roof as well as roof maintenance.
Why Choose a “Cool Roof” Coating
truline Strongly Supports Sustainability Sustainability has becomes critical to facility managers and owners in recent years. And that is what has driven the truline philosophy since our founding. Restoring your roof with a truline Roofing “cool roof” solution rather than replacing it helps meet sustainability goals because:
  • There is no roof tear-off, which eliminates landfill issues or fees
  • Roof coatings are more cost-effective than a second roofing layer, complying with building codes and postponing replacement for years
  • Reflectivity reduces energy consumption and the strain on your HVAC systems extending their service life
  • Facilities are noticeably more comfortable
  • It extends the service life of the existing roof system and components for years
  • The Urban Heat Island Index is lowered, benefiting everyone as well as the community
By reflecting more of the sun’s rays, white roof coatings can lower roof surface temperature by up to 100ºF, decreasing the amount of heat transferred into a building. This in turn can reduce the need for air conditioning by 20-25% at the hottest time of the day.

A restorative truline Roof coating can dramatically increase the roof reflectivity and potential energy savings of existing buildings.

How It Works
Most roof coatings consists of a polymeric binder blended with pigment and other additives to produce a substance with the consistency of thick paint. Application of white roof coatings is typically accomplished with the use of a roller, brush or spray equipment. When cured, the finished product offers tremendous flexibility and waterproofing abilities.

Truline Roofing’s line of liquid-applied, elastomeric roofing systems offers building owners an extensive variety of options for upgrading their roof systems.

White coatings can be applied to practically any roofing surface, membrane or substrate, but correct surface preparation is vital so the coating will adhere properly. Your truline representative can advise you on the compatibility of your roof surface.
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Truline Roofing has applied roof coatings to much more than one million square feet of roofing, yet we can also restore a roof for any size home, small business, warehouse or other structure. Our specialized coatings and top quality roof repair work or roof maintenance programs can start paying you back in savings immediately. A variety of warranties from 5 – 20 years, depending on substrate and restoration systems, are available. Call truline Roofing, the roofing contractor Greenville SC business owners prefer – at 888-311-LEAK(5325).