Here is a short list of questions to pose to the roofing contractors that you are considering hiring:

How long have you been a roofer?

Are you licensed and insured to work on residential roofs in my state?

How many roofs have you repaired or replaced like mine?

Do you have a website or Facebook business page where I can see photos of your work?

Can you provide me the contact info for some homeowners you’ve worked with in the past 12 months?

Tell me about the people who will be doing the actual work?

Are they experienced, licensed and insured?

Is the crew you’ll assign to my home made up of actual employees of your company or independent contractors?

Will you be here the whole time the project is happening?

Can you give me a written estimate that details everything that is included in the price?

What are your payment terms?

What unexpected costs sometimes come up on jobs like mine (and who covers those fees, you or me?)

Are there any typical costs that are not included in your estimate (like disposal of the old roof or cleanup of the work site?)

Are there any materials or tools that I’ll need to provide?

When can this job get done? How do you handle delays due to weather?

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