Installing new roofing on your Charlotte, NC home is one of the biggest renovations you can undertake. Therefore, it’s not surprising why you might be hesitant to do so—after all, it’s going to cost a pretty penny. But a new roof offers many great benefits worth the investment.

Main Benefits of Installing New Roofing on Your Home

Better Safety

The first and most important benefit of a new roof is better performance against the elements. Remember, your roof is your home’s first line of defense against wind, rain, and snow. If you’re dealing with an old, leaky roof, you can face issues such as water damage, mold infestations, and even a higher risk of home fires.

Energy Savings

When people think about energy efficiency, their minds first turn to their HVAC system or their appliances. However, an upgraded roof can noticeably help your home cut down on energy consumption as well.

Because of better manufacturing technology, shingles are now more effective in deflecting the sun’s heat—that is, they reflect the sun’s heat instead of absorbing it. When looking to replace your roof, be sure to ask your contractors if they carry shingles and roofing materials that have the Energy Star certification.

Improved Curb Appeal

In real estate, as in life, first impressions matter. Your home’s curb appeal determines whether or not your home gets a second look from passersby—and potential buyers. As it happens, your roof is one of the biggest architectural details of your home, which is why you want to replace an old roof ASAP. You might also want to replace your roof if you have recently renovated the rest of your home so that its hood better coordinates with the updates.

Higher Property Value

While a wine cellar or a koi pond are great home improvement projects, they are nice to have rather than necessary. Hence, these niche features aren’t likely to increase your home’s property value significantly. If you want to maximize your return on investment, it’s better to stick to home improvements that are practical—such as roof replacement—so you can attract more potential buyers.

While a replacement roof is no doubt a big investment, it’s one that offers many benefits down the line. If you want to know more about it, including costs and timelines, get in touch with trusted roofers in Charlotte, NC. You can also check our post about choosing a roofing contractor to be sure you make a right decision, when the time comes.


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