Chuck Hester of Truline Roofing

We asked Chuck Hester, the founder and managing partner of Truline Roofing’s residential division these questions:

“How do I choose a roofing contractor?” Here is his answer.

“You typically won’t fix your own roof. Even something as simple as replacing one shingle might not be as simple as it seems. First of all, most wouldn’t even know where to begin or even what tools would be needed. Your average homeowner just wouldn’t. Second of all, it is dangerous any time you are going up a ladder. Ladder injuries for homeowners are the number 1 injury related issue in America and it also tops the list for fatal injuries. So it is definitely advisable to call an expert or qualified contractor. To make it easy just call Truline Roofing.

“How do I know that my contractor will do the job right?”

“You’d want to check and see if they are certified for one thing and also if they are licensed. Also ask if they are members of various organizations such as the National Roofing Contractor Association, which is certainly a plus. If they are asking for any money up front, you should shy away from them. You should pay them when they finish the job. That’s how we operate at Truline Roofing. When we finish the job, we ask that we get paid. I know a lot of roofers out there that ask for money upfront. You should never hire a roofing contractor that wants to get paid (even just half) in advance. You just shouldn’t do it.”